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  • Artificial eyes
  • We are one of the few practices in the country that has expertise in fitting contact lenses to cover scars or damage to the front of the eye. Be it with cosmetic soft contact lenses (hand painted to match your eye) or with hand painted prosthetic scleral shells that mask more serious damage.

A special cosmetic lens can be prescribed and fitted for a damaged or unsightly eye or where an eye has been removed. Specialised fitting procedures may include taking a cast of the eye or orbit so that an exact fit can be achieved. Once the final shell has been made an iris is painted to match the good eye. Occasionally it is necessary to sit with the artist in order to achieve a perfect colour match.

The Inclusive fee including the prostheses or contact lens fitting and follow up visits is £1250.


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"This practice has now twice picked up problems with my vision missed by other specialists. tremendous service, tremendous skill."
Marian Hobson, 26/02/2013
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NF Burnett Hodd are specialist optometrists based in Central London in the Harley Street region. We specialise in advanced eye examinations using the latest technology to check the health of your eyes.

The optometrists at NF Burnett Hodd each have their specialist areas such as orthokeratology and myopia control, dyslexia screening, colour blind therapy, specialist contact lens fittings for complicated eye conditions such as keratoconus and dry eye treatment.

Our dispensing opticians are highly trained professionals with the knowledge and experience to dispense the highest quality spectacle lenses and frames to meet your requirements.